New Church teachings on the life after death studied in their own context and the context of the near-death experience and the history of eschatology. Text: Heaven and Hell.

God, Man, and Creation

This course is designed to explore a question which is remarkably simple, on the one hand, and yet is perhaps the single-most profound question we can ask:  Who is God?  Specifically, the course will explore the nature of Jesus Christ as the Human God.  Who was Christ?  Who was the promised Messiah of Isaiah and the other ancient prophets?  What are the implications of faith in, and relationship with a Human God?

In exploring these questions, we will call primarily on three sources:  the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments, the teachings for the New Church recorded by Emanuel Swedenborg, and the academic perspective of a Christological study.

Rel 305 is a systematic survey of the universal theology of the New Church: God the Creator, the Lord the Redeemer, the Holy Spirit, the Holy Scripture and Ten Commandments, and Faith. Text: True Christian Religion.

This is the capstone experience for the religion major.